Manpower Supply And Outsourcing Of  Technical Services

The concern of many companies today is the challenge of managing a large workforce and the attendant costs, logistics and time involved in managing their entire workforce.

Our objective is to take on the challenge and responsibility of managing some categories of your staff off your organization thereby providing the organization the time to focus on realizing the company’s core objectives.

The categories of staff we outsource include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Lower level staff – technical and engineering
  • Middle level Management staff – technical and engineering
  • Senior Management staff – technical and engineering

Some of the benefits of using our Engineering/Technical Outsourcing Service:

  • We eliminate the huge capital outlay involved in managing a large workforce in form of wages, management, logistics and other sundry issues
  • Significant savings on time incurred by company’s management in managing such staff, hence better focus on areas of core competence and operations.
  • Effective and timely recruitment and replacement of staff.
  • Effective management of employee welfare and industrial relation issues.
  • By virtue of our involvement in managing the workforce, we eliminate wastage.
  • The outsourced workforce are constantly supervised and monitored for optimal performance and delivering of results
  • There is guarantee for service delivery.
  • Capable hands to handle equipment and machines as we ensure that our outsourced personnel adhere to industry’s best practices
  • Our outsourced personnel are constantly trained and retrained for better productivity which translates to the general good of our clients
  • Shedding the rigors and the distractions associated with handling and managing the entire workforce.
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